Welcome to Pianioake!

What is Pianioake (pee An ee O kee)? It’s karaoke with a live piano player. We could call it Piano Karaoke but Pianioake is more fun!

Pianioke works like this:

    • Pick out a song from the song list.
      If you have a song in mind that’s not in the list, try requesting it anyway.  Daina may know it, and you can pull up the lyrics on your smartphone.
    • Fill out a request slip and turn it in.
      Tips with your requests are greatly appreciated, or you can find Daina on
      Venmo (Daina Deprez @DainaD) or Paypal (PayPal.Me/Dmusic).

    • When it’s your turn to sing, find the song in the big book of lyrics.
      If you’d rather, you can always request that Daina sing the song.

    • Before you sing into the microphone, Daina will ask you to sing a little bit of the song just to her, so she can find your ideal key.

    • Now sing your heart out and have fun!